And after "Oscars for Design" let there be light

The Balance Lamp won the Red Dot Design Award – Best of the Best in 2016. These awards are "Oscars for Design”

In balance

Heng Balance Lamp is a series of table lamps. Most lamps have a standard switch. However, we break the mold with the Heng Balance Lamp where the lamp is turned on/off by way of two wooden balls. When you pull the resting lower ball upwards, it will be drawn by the hanging ball and remain in the air, turning the light on.


This creative small lamp is suitable for reading at a desk and for use as a night lamp. Heng Balance Lamp will be indispensable in most of your rooms because in addition to being a light source it is also a work of art.


We created a design in which the light element is built into a frame so that the light can go out, pleasing to the eye, and creating a sense of calm and comfort.


The elegant frame of the lamp is made of high quality wood, creating a feeling of natural warmth and coziness. We have chosen exactly beech, in order for you to feel close to nature.

Remotely controlled

LightShade Envelope is a remotely controlled lamp. With the help of the wireless remote control, you have the possibility to turn LightCube on, off and to dim it.

Modular pairing

You can pair the remote control with one or more LightCubes and thus manage them simultaneously.

Adjustable direction of light

You will achieve a different direction of illumination by assembling the shade and LightCube in the desired direction.

Gesture control

LightCube can be controlled using hand gestures. Simply wave your hand in front of the LightCube to turn it on or off. If you wish to adjust the brightness, simply hold your hand in front of the sensor.

Memory dimming

The dimming mode is activated when your hand is placed in front of the LightCube for more than two seconds. It will memorize and maintain the brightness you have set until the next time you adjust it.

Manual control

To prevent the light from being switched on/off accidentally, press the black button on the LightCube to switch from gesture to manual mode.


In combination with our accessories (e.g. LightStand, LightFix, LightShade) it can be used as floor lighting, ceiling lamp, table lamp, wall lamp, projector and more.


The LightCube is portable and rechargeable, with an internal battery that can provide up to several hours of continuous lighting. This is convenient when used outdoors at night, in a tent, in a closet, or when power is interrupted.

Extension cable

The LightCube has an extension cable that will give you even more flexibility. Connect it as a ceiling lamp or place it under the bed or sofa for floor lighting.

Compatible with a wall switch

Connecting the LightCube to the existing wiring for lights, you can control the light with a simple wall switch.

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