Bulgaria 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria, Acad. G. Bonchev Str., bl. 24
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World of Furniture

The Testing Centre ALMI TEST is a testing laboratory for:

  • Furniture- chairs, tables, lounges, etc;
  • Child care products- cots, strollers, walkers, chairs and more.
  • Textiles and leather and artificial leather, interior textile, clothing;

We carry out tests for quality and safety (physical-mechanical and chemical)- strength, durability, stability, safety, colour fastness, shrinkage, azo dyes, metals, PAH, DMFU, Chromium 6+ and others.

We have modern stands, installations and equipment. We work according to current European standards.


+359 2 97 97 119
+359 889 508 812
+359 2 97 97 119