Bulgaria 4003 Plovdiv, 6, Rogoshko shosse Str.
A 8

Actual Industries Ltd is a trade company offering industrial products for the furniture industry and construction building on the Bulgarian market.

The company is a strategic partner of Henkel and offers variety of adhesives for edging processing hardwood and softwood, construction of sandwich panels, profile wrapping, production of ready-made furniture and countertops.

The company has its own warehouses in Plovdiv and Sofia.

Open dialogue is our strength. Therefore our experts visit you to learn first-hand your requirements and production conditions. The aim of our comprehensive consultation is not only to recommend the right adhesive, but also to assist you to optimize the entire bonding process in terms of quality and productivity. So we always find the optimal solution for all of our client requirements.


+359 32 90 60 07; +359 2 979 05 15
+359 32 961 779